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Dear vauled customers:

Our website will be changed from http://www.ueshk.com  to  http://www.uesleasing.com from August 18, 2022. Please visit our website through the new address. Meanwhile, our e-mail address suffix will be changed from @ueshk.com  to @uesleasing.com. Please reach us via the new email address. The emails sent to @ueshk.com will be automatically forwarded to @uesleasing.com in the next one year.

Any domain or email problem, you could contact support@uesleasing.com, we will reply you ASAP.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for your always trust and support!

UES Team


UES Investment Limited

Victoria Place, 5th Floor, 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 10, Bermuda
Tel: 86-21-5238 6922
Fax: 86-21-5238 6933
Email: ops@uesleasing.com

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